Ants on Patrol – Justine Chadwick

Justine Chadwick, Author of the wonderful children's counting book "Ants on Patrol", says of working with Carla:

We are at the initial stage as yet but been delighted with her response and enthusiasm. I am confident our working relationship will continue to be a positive experience.
Justine Chadwick, 2020

London Skyline for Falconvest Group


Piers Cross needed a sketch of the London skyline for the website he was building for real estate investment specialists, Falconvest Group – and a falcon in full flight.

I was delighted with the speed and quality of the illustrations that Carla provided. In the end we didn't use the skyline due to a slight change of plan, but the falcon features prominently in the finished site.
Piers Cross, 2020

The Prince Alexander Adventures – Kate Nixon

Updated flag and shield for Buckingham

Buckingham Town's flag and shield, which date back to the middle ages, were in need of an overhaul to make the swan in the original more attractive and to provide the finished artwork in a range of formats to make it scalable for use across all print and digital applications.

I would highly recommend Carla. She always replied quickly to requests, and was very professional in her approach. The artwork we received was to a high standard, fully met the brief, and came in the variety of formats we needed.
Paul Hodson, 2020

A book cover for Father John McGowan's moving account of Sister Teresa and Father Jerome

A Love Profound